Q. What is the easiest way to get in contact with you?
A. Send us an e-mail will assure you the quickest response but we are of course available by phone at 803-520-2048. We are also equipped with cell phones ( 803-238-6023) as well so that you will always be able to reach us no matter what! Just send a text or email. We will respond quickly.

Q. What cities in South Carolina do you cover?
A. We cover the entire states of South Carolina.

Q. Do you cover any areas outside of the state of South Carolina?
A. At this time we only cover closings held within the state of South Carolina.

Q. I have a closing where the property address is not located in South Carolina, can you still close it?
A. Yes, but in that case we would only serve in a notary capacity as opposed to an attorney capacity. All closings with South Carolina property addresses we will serve in an attorney capacity.

Q. Are you available on nights and/or weekends?
A. We are available to close your loans 24 hours a day/7 days a week!

Q: Do you have Spanish-speaking attorneys?
A: Yes! But please notify us as early as possible if one is needed, their schedules are somewhat less flexible than others.

Q. This is my first closing with you, how do I schedule a closing?
A. Easy! Either call us at 803-520-2048 or e-mail us at with the closing date, time and location. That’s it.

Q. How much notice do you need about a pending closing before it occurs?
A. At least 24 hours would be ideal, but we can and will accommodate whatever closing you need covered with as little notice as you provide.

Q. Do you accept e-mailed documents?
A. Yes! We can accommodate any format in which you need to send docs out in.

Q. How will I be notified about the results of my closing?
A. As soon as the attorney submits the closing results to us, we notify you with the closing results, return tracking number, an invoice and any pertinent notes. We will notify you however you prefer, but typically do so by e-mail.

Q. How soon will I get the signed documents back after closing?
A. If the closing ends before the scheduled pickup time of your preferred return carrier, every effort is made to get your signed documents out the day of closing so you can have them the next morning.

Q. When will I get a bill for your services?
A. We will bill you however you prefer. We typically send out a statement during the 2nd week of every month covering the previous month’s closings but we can also attach an invoice for each completion we send you after closing as well.